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Graded Coins

Coin grading is the evaluation of a coin's condition and other factors to determine its value. Many collectors and investors prefer graded coins, which have been inspected and rated by an independent organisation using criteria such as surface condition, strike, color, and lustre. Graded coins are sealed in tamper-proof containers by reputable grading companies and their value can vary based on their grade, metal price, and rarity.

How it works

Grading Criteria

The condition of a coin can significantly impact its value, which is why many collectors prefer to purchase graded coins. Graded coins are those that have been thoroughly inspected by an independent grading organisation, which assigns a rating to the coin based on various criteria, including surface condition, strike, colour, lustre, and attractiveness.

The grading scale used by most organisations ranges from 0 to 70, with a grade of 70 representing a perfect coin and a grade of 1 representing a barely identifiable coin. Grades below 20 are often given letter codes, such as GF (Good Fine), VF (Very Fine), and XF (Extremely Fine). Grades between 50 and 60 are referred to as About Uncirculated (AU), while grades above 60 are known as Mint State (MS). Proof coins are given a PR or PF prefix before their grade.

Why Graded

Security & Authenticity

Graded coins are usually sealed in tamper-proof containers, known as "slabs," by reputable grading companies such as the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). These companies use security measures like bar codes and holograms to protect the authenticity of the coins, and all graded coin serial numbers are listed on their websites.

The value of a graded coin can vary based on its grade, as well as the metal price and rarity of the coin. In general, coins in better condition tend to be more valuable, which is why professional grading is important for collectors. By purchasing graded coins from a reputable grading service like NGC or PCGS, collectors can ensure that they are getting the highest quality and value for money.

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